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INO d.o.o. was founded in 1990. The original production facilities up to the printing of computer forms for mechanical data processing and other simple printed matter. The first milestone in development was in 1995, when we expanded the offer with the program of self-adhesive labels and promotional printed matter. Due to the development of the market, changes in the production and use of computer forms led to new types of graphics products and services: documents, data printing, folding and products for the food industry.

Together we have created a working environment where experiences and knowledge interweave. In the 27-year existence of the company, we have improved the useful and aesthetic significance of printed matter. Our important competititve advantages are high-quality graphic preparation for printing, printing and printing of variable data, enveloping, embossing, thermal foil printing, lamination, UV lacquering, production of integrated prints that enable different printing techniques and their combination.

We increased our production capacity by investing in new technological equipment, which enables us to continue to grow.

We further consolidated the position of the printed matter market by connecting with the Ptuj printing house where we produce classic products.