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The graphic company INO has been your printing partner since 1990.

In the graphic company INO, we are proud to contribute to the success of our customers when they reach for excellence in their business or industry.


Our Values:

  • customer satisfaction
  • quality of products
  • satisfaction of the employees
  • corporate social responsibility
  • technological development of the company


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ISO 9001 2015

ISO 9001:2015 

Quality objectives:

We have set out the following long-term goals:

- Continuous increase in customer satisfaction,

- Continuous improvement of the quality of products and services,

- Improving employee satisfaction,

- Achieving competitive prices in target markets,

- Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the market.


Concrete quality objectives for the current year are listed in the company's business plan.

Management and all employees are committed to consistently meeting customers' requirements, legal requirements and requirements of the SIST EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard and to continually improve products, processes and management systems.

We encourage the development of all employees, introducing modern technological equipment and organizational solutions, in order to reduce response time, reduce costs and increase the quality of work performed.

Because we believe that the quality for our customers is the most important, the leadership has decided to develop, introduce and maintain a quality system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. By consistently respecting the quality policy, the quality system procedures and introducing permanent improvements, we want to improve the satisfaction of:

- customers,

- employees,

- owners,

- to provide a wider social community with quality services and products.


In complying with the above obligations we use the following approaches:

- The needs, requirements and expectations of our customers are recorded through personal and open communication. We constantly measure satisfaction with our services.

- We improve our processes through continuous training of personnel, introducing new solutions, promoting proposals for improvements and measuring the achieved results.

- We take care of the safety at work and the health of employees by constantly checking the health status of employees and introducing preventive measures to improve the working environment.

- By taking into account the principles of environmental protection and waste separation, we contribute to health, well-being and a better quality of life in the local and wider social environment.

- Competitive prices are achieved by continuously reducing costs and implementing preventive measures.

- We ensure the required deadlines for our customers by effectively allocating work, monitoring the implementation deadlines and enforcing personal responsibility for the individual stages of the production process.


We can store important information about business, social and personal achievements. Every day, we give the promise of quality and value that is embedded in paper. We are committed to linking partnerships to fostering common goals within the company. We are aware that in the boundlessness of time and space we create the first impression of the product.


INO d.o.o. plans to become a dynamic, development-oriented company by 2020, which will be recognizable for the production of quality printed packaging and complete graphic solutions in Slovenia and Central Europe.

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INO d.o.o. was founded in 1990. The original production facilities up to the printing of computer forms for mechanical data processing and other simple printed matter. The first milestone in development was in 1995, when we expanded the offer with the program of self-adhesive labels and promotional printed matter. Due to the development of the market, changes in the production and use of computer forms led to new types of graphics products and services: documents, data printing, folding and products for the food industry.

Together we have created a working environment where experiences and knowledge interweave. In the 27-year existence of the company, we have improved the useful and aesthetic significance of printed matter. Our important competititve advantages are high-quality graphic preparation for printing, printing and printing of variable data, enveloping, embossing, thermal foil printing, lamination, UV lacquering, production of integrated prints that enable different printing techniques and their combination.

We increased our production capacity by investing in new technological equipment, which enables us to continue to grow.

We further consolidated the position of the printed matter market by connecting with the Ptuj printing house where we produce classic products.